The wonders of meditation -

  • Change your life

  • Enhance your mind

  • Improve your memory

  • Heal your body

  • Be calm and tranquil

  • Relax at will


Meditation is the practice of centering one’s energies, recognizing the existence and flow of Prana (Universal Life) and use breathing as a centering method whereby one relaxes one’s body and mind, but continues to function mentally to achieve enlightenment and healing. Body asleep - mind awake.

Your brain has nerve cells that fire electrical signals and oscillate in distinctive arrangements called brainwave patterns. These patterns are closely connected to your thoughts, emotions, mood, biological chemistry, everything you do and think. These oscillation frequencies have been scientifically and medically researched.

  • Brainwave states


The Four Brainwave States are:

Beta 13-40 Hz

This is the brainwave state that we are in during our awake hours. Beta Is associated with worry, stress, paranoia, fear, irritability, moodiness, anger. People spend most of their awake time in the beta state with so much internal chatter.

Alpha 7-13 Hz

Meditation and relaxation begins with the Alpha state. Effortless creativity flows. Enhanced memory and a super-learning capability develops. A harmonious, peaceful state of mind. Habits, fears and phobias begin to melt away. One becomes tranquil and calm.

Theta 4 - 7 Hz

Produces insight, intuition, inspiration, and answers to important questions. It makes one feel like you are floating. A wonderful realm to explore.

Delta 0 - 4 Hz

This state provide renewal, healing, rejuvenation, deep, dreamless sleep. Very rewarding, it is said to be the entrance to non-physical states of reality. Delta is the best state for immune system function, restoration, and health.


The unit of measure known as Hz stands for Hertz, the measure of oscillating energy frequency, or brainwave frequencies.

Most importantly, as with all else in the reality of your life, meditation is a matter of personal choice. If you intend to meditate, it will happen for you with a little guidance. Meditation is not something that is put on you, nor does it occur in any magical way; and nor can anyone else do it for you. it depends entirely on your intent.